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My Feminist Awakening

There is TSwift, Queen Bey, Lena, JGL, K Stew, and more celebrities it seems every day openly calling themselves feminists or, in T Swift's situation, having a "feminist awakening" after previously saying she was not a feminist.

Between this, looking for something on Netflix, and spending far too much time wading through Gamergate reddit posts from those who will never have a "feminist awakening" I thought why not share stories about our own moments of realization.


I'll go first because mine is shallow and succinct and can break the ice for everyone.

It was a movie that did it. I watched "If These Walls Could Talk" on my aunt's couch when she thought I was asleep.

I was waaaaay too young to be watching an R rated moviE but I don't recall any negative from that movie. Not that there weren't sad or bad scenes but I don't recall having any nightmares. I can still remember each of the scenes when each woman made the decision to terminate or not terminate their pregnancy and why.


Not that I was always a perfect feminist. I went through a patch of desperately trying to be "one of the guys" and competing with other women or tearing other women down but it is that movie that I credit as my a ha moment.

And for those that do not identify as feminist I'm sorry if this alienates. Please share anyway!


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