Today at the start of flea market season. I was waiting since October for it at the Saturday fleamarket. I walked around the fleamarket my hands had just air ie I bought nothing. So I headed to the lunch area. Which for ten years been run by the owner’s daughter and her husband. I recall before for five years she ran the fried dough table.

She is mid to late 40s. Well she also sold french fries and they were hand made she used a potato cutter to cut the fries then cut them in oil and lard. They were delish. She had two people helping besides her husbus her college daughter during the summer.

So I looked. There were no tables and where they made the food was sealed with stuff like the fridges and grill gone.

So I said to myself “who would know? Maybe they are late setting up”.

I went to this very nice dealer who has been settiing up there for close to twenty years also.

I strolled over.

Me: hi

Her: How are you? I have not seen your mom.

Me: Good. You? She is around I am sure you will see her. What happened to the food court.


Her: Its a long story.

I was thinking. Well I cannot eat so might as well hear the story.

Her: You know how some familes.

She paused and with her hands made a gesture of snapping a stick.

Me: They had a falling out?

Her: I should not say anything but you understand.

Of course this is 100 percent the owner’s fault. Last year while she was working he came over, her husband was not there, and start screaming at her and then called her stupid. I was eating a strawberry shortcake and saw the whole thing.


She should have instantly closed the lunch counter and walked off. He was totally unprofessional, ignorant and rude.

I am very tempted to let him know I am furious about her being gone and that I saw him scream and call her stupid. That it deprives all of us good food and he should get on his hands and knees begging her forgiveness. Yet part of me knows that he knows he lost a daughter and two grandchildren and I would be pouring salt on the wound. Also I could get kicked out and I know one person who would never, ever let me live it down for getting us kicked out. My mother if you are wondering.