Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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There's A Little Hipster In All of Us

I have a confession to make...

I'm a bit (no, a lot) of a hipster. I sometimes assholishly bemoan the lack of popularity of the bands I like.I go on tumblr and reblog pictures of other people's breakfast.I even wear glasses, but that's by prescription because everything is clearer when I actually wear them.There has been a lot of hate going out to hipsters for legitimate reasons.Can we all agree, though, that whatever your opinion of hipster culture is, you can probably list one thing that you do that would make someone call you a hipster?Do you knit? Look at that fucking hipster. wear flannel shirts? Look at that fucking hipster. Are you under thirty and artistic? LOOK AT THAT MOTHERFUCKING HIPSTER!


But I digress.

I want you to share everything about you that makes you a hipster, from the beer your drink to the music you love.If you want to know a handy guide to the over one thousand ways to identify a hipster, search for it on google. The term has lost a lot of meaning to it, and has become shorthand for anyone who isn't "normal". Let me share a concrete example to get the ball rolling:

There is something about Belle and Sebastian that turns me into a complete douchecanoe.I will literally wax poetic about their music until someone slaps me across the face and yells "NOBODY CARES!'. If Your Feeling Sinister is, of course, a perfect album in my opinion, and this is a perfect song from the perfect album. I'm always blown away by how many different meanings I can pull from this one song every time I think about it.And yes, I have felt disappointed when people I like say they don't like the band.I swear I'm not like this with the other music that I love.


Anyway, with that said, share your hipsterdom with the world!Feel especially free to share your favorite "hipster" band/song as well. And remember: only hipsters make fun of hipsters, so it's cool now.

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