that I couldn't let out because it would have been incredibly inappropriate.

My art history professor (the one that tends to go off on tangents) was talking a little about the government shutdown before class, and this one guy started on the whole "it's the fault of both sides" thing. He then went on to spout all these Republican talking points about how Obamacare is going to RUIN the country and social security is making us bankrupt and all sorts of bullshit. So he and the prof got into this debate that lasted... fifteen minutes, maybe? Multiple times the teacher just outright said "that is factually incorrect" and "you need to look at your sources."

He didn't mind — he enjoyed it actually; said that he'd rather have just continued the debate than taught the class because he didn't like teaching the material we were covering today. But I just got (possibly unreasonably) pissed off listening to this dude, and spent the whole time desperately, desperately wanting to tell him to just shut up already. Like... I know the professor wasn't exactly on topic, but everyone in the class knows he does these tangents and you just wait for him to be done, you don't start fucking arguing with him and taking up a bunch of class time.