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There's a spider in my tv!

ETA: The spider always runs off when I find a camera. I will therefore offer a picture of Bunny standing hopefully over her fishing pole toy in exchange. So hopeful!

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It's the size of a nickel, and it's in the TV and I'm not scared of it (caterpillars, imo, are creepy. Spiders are just made of awesome), and it's so cute! Ok, well, fine, I'd be freaking out if it was a jumpy one AND wandering about like a tourist in NYC. Also, I have it on good authority that size is not an indicator of species, so while it might be a purseweb spider, it also might not be. Anyone else have bugs that they're ok with living in the house with them? (I was gonna post a pic, but thought it might freak out those among us who are arachnophobes.

ETA2: I'd like to reiterate that Bunny is not in my TV. I also like to tell her she's an ugly bunny because her ears are too short and her tail is too long.

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