Found this storify about the Kanye/Kimmel thing and I thought I'd share. I will admit to getting sucked into the spectacle of "Crazy Kanye" last night on twitter, but I realize that I was thinking along these same lines when he gave that other interview earlier this year, and this is no different.

I'm not calling Jimmy racist, so don't jump down my throat, but I am saying that he's contributing to a larger culture of the dismissal of black artists, specifically black men, for refusing to be "humble". The idea being that you're not allowed to hype yourself (Kimmel actually asked if Kanye knew he wasn't supposed to be your own hype man), or brag, or acknowledge in any way that you're doing something great because if you do, you're arrogant. Kanye's ego is a strange strange beast. He want to be both exceptional and accepted. Which doesn't seem like it should be that big a deal right? But as a black man in the US, it kind of is. He will not be accepted and loved unless he "knows his place" (ie. be more humble) which Kanye refuses to do, so for him, he struggles with that.

Anyway, read the storify. It explains it better than I could.

ETA: Fucking Kinja! Here's the link to the storify.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore :(


[View the story "Why Kanye is Right, And Kimmel emblematic" on Storify]