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There's lice in my class!!! NOOOOOOOOOO

Yesterday a kiddo had nits in her hair. We checked everyone else, thought that we had caught it early and that we were in the clear. A letter went home with every kiddo yesterday, but we weren’t that worried. Itchy, because the thought of bugs makes us itchy, but okay.

A parent called at 1:30 this afternoon, tells my director that his son has been scratching his head for three days and can we check his scalp. The kiddo has a whole bunch of live lice, young and adult on his head.

We bleached the dramatic play area and the plastic hats. All the clothes from the area are being washed tonight. All blankets went home today. We’re going to do a careful check tomorrow morning of every head.


I am so itchy right now, just from the thought of there being bugs in my classroom.

Of course, all this happened while we were in the midst of an inspection by the Department of Health (they regulate daycare in NYC). Is it Friday yet?

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