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There's never a good way...

...to tell a friend with whom you're not especially close to stop participating in multi-level marketing schemes, right?

I know this lady who cannot stop participating in these. She loses her shirt every time. First it was Mary Kay cosmetics. I did not buy because I don't wear a lot of makeup and I have my preferred brand. Then it was those stupid purses made out of polyester but cost an arm and a leg. Then it was some cookware or something? Now it's Lia Sophia jewelry. I bought a necklace and earrings because she sent out a huge facebook message to everyone she knows about how everything is half off...I still felt it was overly expensive even then but bought it because I know about her money problems. This is the first time and only time I've done it and I felt like a plastic jewelry wearing enabler.


She's posting about some sort of Realtor job now that she's trying to get and she's....not good at sales. Never has been. Socially awkward doesn't begin to describe her and when you add in the anxiety she has it's just uncomfortable. The market is terrible where she is and she's investing a lot of money into this realtor job (I don't even know if it's legit)...

I just get so sad at people and and mad at businesses out there that target and take advantage of the...less than socially aware? I don't know how to say it. We're not especially close anymore (high school and college friends) and we live in different states but I hate watching this happen over and over again to her.

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