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I came home today with two very simple goals, and now I know for sure I can't finish one of them: finish my upholstery project and use my workout DVD I haven't watched since I purchased it.


The upholstery thing is a no go because my neighbors seem to think I was making too much noise at 6:00pm on a Thursday. The project requires a little bit of hammering, nothing too intense but I do need to secure some staples. I have the piece wrapped and the bottom stapled, but once I started hammering my neighbors started tapping on the ceiling. I thought I was hearing things, so I continued with three taps and then stopped. Sure enough, they responded back with three taps of their own.

I'm a considerate neighbor and I'd like to think I'm pretty quiet most of the time. My TV stays down, I live alone and am gone at work most of the day, and my boyfriend is only over on the weekends. We're not loud people, and half the time we're out doing stuff. My dog is occasionally excited by neighbor noises, but he's mostly content chewing on something. Can't I just have this one thing in the middle of the day after work?

Mind you, these are the same people who were pounding on things and making the walls shake at 11:00pm last week when I had a migraine. Someone, I can't tell who, is playing very loud techno at this very moment. I just wanna finish my damn ottoman!

Tell me about your neighbors, GT.