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There's nothing like the smell of dog pee in the morning!

Today started off well! (I really wish there was a sarcasm font) We are lucky enough to have a tiny backyard in our condo, which means we have a puppy-door for our two dogs. One of them will take himself out any time he needs to go, weather and dark be damned. He’s actually the more neurotic of the two-a JRT/Chihuahua mix does not make a chill dog. We always say he is a living, breathing argument against BOTH intelligent design and evolution. However, he is fully potty trained. It’s the other little bugger that causes all the trouble with indoor peeing. Our PTSD suffering rescue dog will NOT go outside if it’s raining. She’s just not going to do it. She also will not go outside when it’s dark out unless she has an escort. We know she was a stray in the desert near Death Valley for about a year (her owner died, and as far as we can tell, her children just packed up anything valuable in her trailer and drove away, leaving our Sadie behind). Obviously, that left it’s mark on Sadie and she has the behavior quirks to show for it. For the most part, it only means that we have to actively go outside with her a few times a day so she is comfortable going potty. Which brings us to today—we live in So Cal and it is RAINING. Not drizzly or sprinkling, POURING down rain. This morning I got all ready for work, grabbed the umbrella to escort Sadie out, and picked up my fluffy-ball of stubbornness. Halfway to the door I feel warm wet running down my stomach and legs. Apparently, I waited too long and squeezing on the way out the door didn’t help! I loved having to explain to my boss that I was late today because I had to change my entire wardrobe otherwise I would have been smelling like dog pee all day.


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