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There's that sense of entitlement...

What the fuck is with people? Story and venting below the jump.

My poor husband has to manage one of the most entitled babies in the fucking world and she flipped the fuck out today. Unfortunately, my husband is a human being with feelings who doesn’t love drama, so he is stressed and has no one to vent to except me. And I have no one to vent to except you guys, so here goes!

Imagine — setting the scene — that you’re a middle manager at a small-ish company who has ~ 10 people under you, and you announce to them that you plan on exiting the company loudly and repeatedly. You, in this scenario, literally tell your manager that you are planning on leaving to start your own business MANY times over the course of months. You work on this new venture of yours on the clock at your actual job and everyone kind of lets you with the understanding that you’re stepping out soon.


And then you don’t leave. Important dates for the company are coming up that are going to require fully invested management, and you’re still twiddling your thumbs because you haven’t raised enough venture capital (or something, who the fuck knows). On top of that, you schedule yourself to be completely absent during all important — company-wide —upcoming dates without consulting anybody.

Then, when senior management decides they have waited long enough and can afford to wait no longer — after all, they have to train new managers! — and demotes (not fires!) you with a reasonable pay cut so they can better compensate replacement management, you FREAK THE FUCK OUT. You complain that you were going to leave on your own timeline.

Oh, yeah, obviously, the ENTIRE company should just wait for you to do exactly what you want to do and fuck anyone else. They should just pay you your same salary regardless of needing to put other management in place. Compensation should have nothing to do with work quality, ethic, or company loyalty.

So when you get demoted you try to go above your manager’s head, direct to the owner of the company, and shit all over everything and complain how you didn’t get your way because you didn’t ask to be demoted in writing. As if removing yourself from the schedule and telling everyone for months wasn’t clear enough.


Who the FUCK thinks like this?! Does no one talk about how ‘everyone is replaceable’ anymore? I’m one of those Damn Millennials and even I know that! Who has the stones to get demoted and jump to the owner of the company as if that wasn’t the person who authorized the management restructuring?

All this drama, for something a person openly advertised that they wanted.

I’ll be honest — for me, there is a personal element to this. My husband personally hired this person specifically with the intention she’d be upper management someday and has been totally let down by her lack of commitment to the position(s) she’s had. It’s been so fucking obvious (she’s literally said it to me at a company event, which was a bad move) that she doesn’t think the position she’s in is ‘worthy’ of her. She’s thinks she’s cut out for bigger things.


Well good. Go do your big things, girl. You’ll have all the time in the world now.

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