There's this group of ladies that's been making bits and pieces of my life pretty miserable, since I moved here. (It's been on GT off and on, but I'm too lazy to link ... if it isn't already deleted.)

Well, some of their husbands are done with the school and they're gone. I've been eagerly anticipating the re-arrangement of social structures, to see if the new ones are more Fluter-Friendly. The ring-leader, who is my friend when the others aren't around, was still supposed to be here.

Those of you who are good at words noticed the use of "supposed to," didn't you? She told me today. Her husband got a job; she's out in six weeks. On the outside, I was all:

But on the inside? Where I know that every time other people around, it's like eighth grade up in this joint?

On the inside, I was more like this:


Then I came home and talked about it with the FluterDude, and we both went like this:


Between this and all the [potential] gigging this fall? Things are finally starting to come up Fluter. Suck it, Kansas.