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Theresa May Taps Out.

I wonder who will take over as PM? No one sensible wants the job because Brexit is such a stupid clusterfuck. And someone like Boris Johnson will be as bad if not worse at sorting things out than May was. Naturally, assholes like Jacob Rees-Mogg who really really want Victorian Britain back (but have already relocated their companies to Dublin so they’ll always stay in the EU) aren’t even running for the top job because they much prefer lobbing bombs from the sidelines whilst dressed in morning coats and top hats. Fingers crossed the Conservatives shoot themselves in the foot and Britain gets snap elections so they can have someone with brains who can just shut the whole fucking mess down. (Obviously that wouldn’t be the Labour party either since Corbyn is another one who wants Brexit but with all the EU rules to stay which is so fucking stupid I can’t even.)

Honestly world? America is such a shit show right now that we need y’all to be on your best behaviors cause I cannot take anymore goddamn stress. (Yeah I know everywhere is looking at our dumpster fire and screaming that they want one too, sigh. Another thing to lay at cheeto’s door).


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