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These dogs Can Do, can you?

This is the last time, I swear.

Tomorrow I'm participating in a charity walk to raise money for assist dogs. The dogs are given to applicants free of charge, but each pup costs around $25,000 to raise and train. The dogs are trained to be Autism assist, hearing assist, mobility assist, seizure assist, and diabetes assist.

Personally, I'm applying for a diabetes dog. I've had diabetes for 32 years now, and it gets harder to take care of myself on my own. Upon speaking with the organization, they'll do their best to pair me with a dog who is a light sleeper, since most of my low blood sugars happen at night.


Still, this isn't just about me. It's about kids with Autism who flourish with the help of their dog, who provides an anchor for them. It's about PWD who need a dog to reach the phone when they can't, or a person with epilepsy who could suffer a seizure at a very inopportune time. These dogs are, to quote another GTer, "life-saving boo's" who exist to make life easier for those of us with some medical challenge.

If you can, just $5 goes a long way toward making someone's life easier through these amazing pups!

Also, HUGE THANKS to anyone who has already donated! You guys helped me hit my personal goal, and between my mom and I we passed our team goal. You're the best!!

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