Let's have a good old-fashioned food-off!

Everyone has comfort foods. My comfort foods just happen to be gross to everyone else.
I am perfectly confident in my food choices. I shall not be shamed!

*Liverwurst: while I can sort-of accept that people don't like liver... No, I lied. Liver is the best. And spreadable liver? YES. Perfect on nice crusty bread.

*Sour cream and sugar: AKA poor-mans ice cream. Bowl of sour cream, sprinkle/spoon/pour some sugar on top and BAM! Easy creamy sweet treat!

*Soup and crackers: Not just any soup and crackers. I mean a bowl full of delicious chicken noodle soup with enough soda crackers added to make the soup cease to be soup, instead turning it into a thick mush that they serve to people without teeth. So comforting.

*Cake for breakfast: I don't need to justify this one. Of course cake is an acceptable, nay, LAUDED breakfast item. Cold pizza comes in second.


We can all agree that aspics are gross, right? Perfectly good meat and vegetables and gelatin gone to waste.

What do you love to eat that frightens those around you?


[originally from here - http://thekrakenknows.blogspot.ca]