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Welcome To The Bitchery
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These things pissed me off this weekend:

I was standing in the checkout line behind someone with 40 items in the 15 or fewer line; then an employee came over and suggested I self-check - I hate self-check but I did not want to make a scene so obliged him. He effing hovered and took stuff out of my hand to scan, generally behaving like I was an olds who had no clue; I do not like anyone in my space, I do not like being condescended to.

Today I slept until about 1:00 pm (I just looked at my FitBit log; 8 hours and 14 minutes sleep but 9 hours 14 minutes in bed - I went to bed at 4:00am); I was going to go out for coffee and the Sunday paper then work out - decided to stay in and clean house. I started with my bedroom; it took me about 4 hours since I was not going to leave any decisions for tomorrow so every little thing on the floor, on all the horizontal surfaces (and some vertical), et cetera. I still have a few items on the bed that I have not yet determined what to do with (mixed items like heating pad which is both medical and electric) a stack of historic papers that my mom dumped on me over the holidays and the like. Hell, I even vacuumed. I started in on the back bedroom (the default store room). For some reason, all of GG's vet bills were stored on the floor - so as I filed them, I added them up - she is in to me for about $1200 now and she is not fully recovered yet (fungal ear infection that messed up her balance).


Since I am back to work, I no longer get unemployment but my first paycheck will not be deposited until the 27th and it will be just enough to cover rent. So maybe I should have rented a 1 bedroom instead to lower my rent (the $200 extra for the extra bedroom seemed worth it + I have that extra space off the living room where I set up my hot bench for glass bead-making). I am so clueless about money that I don't even pay attention to what I am spending; if I don't have enough money, I pull out my debit card (well, at least I don't buy food with a credit card (yet)!). I know there are GTers who are worse off than I am and that I have first world, white guy problems but....

But, you know what, when Golden Goddess crawls up onto my shoulder and purrs in my ear - I don't have a care in the world. (sometimes I think I live in the cat's world of the eternal now with only occasional forays into reality). I love you guise almost as much as I love my cat.

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