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Thesis Defense and New Guy

I just defended my thesis and got approved (with minor revisions to be made). Somewhere along the line people neglected to tell me that I was supposed to prepare a presentation for my defense, but I winged it, and still passed, so that was good. Now I'm wavering being trying to get really drunk or having a nap and then trying to get really drunk.

On another note, I've been having really awesome conversations with a guy from OkCupid. First we exchanged the longest messages on OkCupid/email, then started chatting online, and then the phone. We haven't missed a day of communication in over a week - and one we even managed to talk for about 7 hours. Eeeep! He's smart, and kind, and feminist, and very aware of all kinds of gender issues, and he's an artist, and he's organizing a queer video game/game design conference.


We're getting together later this week, and have an awesome date planned of Jurassic Park 3D, comic book stores, and Ethiopian food. I'm about 95% sure that we'll get along as brilliantly in person as we do online and on the phone, but (is there always a but?) I don't find him very physically attractive from what I've seen of photos of him. Does anyone have any experience dating someone you didn't think was very good looking? I feel so shallow for being concerned about it, because all I want is to be attracted to him physically as much as I am mentally (I've NEVER talked with someone this much before without having met him). And I feel even worse because some of it is because he's quite overweight - I can't help but feel like a horrible judger for being worried about this stuff before even meeting him. I like him so much! (Also, I'm not a great looker myself, but I've been told I'm pretty cute. I think I fall into the average category, and I've never really been concerned with dating the best looking people, but I usually find my dates physically attractive). Does anyone have any advice for me going into meeting this in person for the first time?

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