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Thesis of DOOOOOM is almost DOOOOOONE

So, I've been noodling away at this thesis for the better part of a year. Just, kind of poking at it for shits 'n giggles or whenever I get sufficiently guilt-tripped by Mr. Mascara into quote-working on it-end quote. But a couple of days ago, he said the magic words...

"I will pay for your trip to Disneyland if you finish your thesis by February."

I had already gotten about 30 pages written at that point and knew that this beast wasn't going to be more than 100 pages in length. So, 1/3 of the way through, I said, "What if I finish it before then?"


"There will be prorated incentives."

So, three days later, here I am, with about 90% of this bad boy written and I am feeling SO FUCKING BADASS! Who knew that I was so easily bribable? (Ok, I totally knew. I'm completely shameless when it comes to me getting stuff in exchange for me doing stuff.)


The downside is that my back is messed up so badly from hunching over the desk lo these many days that I had to work from home today so I could safely drug myself up without endangering the lives of innocent bystanders.


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