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They just called the LA governor race...

And it looks like we are keeping our Democratic governor!! This was really touch and go and the Republican candidate was genuinely flat out evil and a pawn candidate put forth by several rich entities. He was a cartoon level evil Republican even in this era where all the Republicans are like evil cartoons.

And even if you do not care about who the governor of Louisiana is, this is important for several reasons, the obvious ones like we remain the only state in the south to have a Democratic governor and he managed to get reelected based on the merits of his work in office (vs his initial election which was largely in response to how much we absolutely hated the terrible Republican governor Jindal who fucked up the state super badly). Edwards is not the most Democrat party line guy out there – he is pro life and pro gun. But he is also done a lot for the state including expanding Medicare, pulling us out of a huge budget deficit, saving higher ed funds and raising teacher salaries, and lowering unemployment.

And this shows now that there is a group of traditionally white, poor, Republican voters who have experienced firsthand how their lives improved with a Democratic governor in office and decided they liked it. So this raises a modicum of hope that that population on a national is able to see and change and notice how recent republican policies hurt them and democratic ones help.


It’s important because it shows the failing power of Trump. Louisiana went 60% for Trump and on the national level Republicans were stumping hard for the Republican governor candidate here. Both Trump and Pence personally came multiple times to hold rallies for the Republican candidate here and there were a ton of national resources poured into supporting him, and these endorsements and efforts were still not enough. (on a sidenote national level Democrats did absolute shit for our governor so thanks a lot for another chapter in the continuing saga of Democrats turning their backs on the south). trump could not get a majority republican population to elect a republican candidate. In his own words, that is huge.

TLDR I really thought this could go the other way guys and the low level anxiety I’ve had for months finally feels better. And maybe this shows there is hope for us all. And that the good people of Louisiana will keep their health insurance

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