Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Customer: "I want a hot latte."
Me: "okay, what size?"
"That's the hot one, right?"
Me: swallowing so hard and using every ounce of energy to not roll my eyes. "...yes. What size?"
"Does it have coffee in it?"
Me: screams internally "...yes it does. What size?"
"that's the hot one, right?"
(I can't even) gritted teeth, eye pulsating out of socket "Yes. What. Size?"
"A medium. Can I get a cheese danish?"
"sure" wraps up danish, hands to customer, customer walks off, walks back 5 min later
"I want it hot."


I have the worst poker face ever. I guarantee you my face was reading "you fucking shitbird moron" throughout this entire exchange. I'm the worst.

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