It’s my birthday too! I’m 30 years old today, GT! Dance/gif party!


Right now I’m waiting on a DoorDash brunch order from the frou-frou donut shop in town (apple crueller, yeast risen donut holes, seasoned tater tots, and a chicken biscuit with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese #livingmybestlife) and then later is dinner with my mom, grandpa and cousin at my favorite pizza place. It’s super cold this morning, and I’m so happy to just bundle up on my couch and watch some good tv and chill under fuzzy blankets with Catface.

Yesterday afternoon I went and saw The Post (excellent), and then last night my friends took me out for italian food (yes, it’s an all italian food all the time kind of weekend!) and it was pretty much a perfect evening. The wine, music, food, and company were all amazing, and I felt really lucky to have everybody that was there in my life.

I feel really good about turning 30. I think this decade of life is going to be way more enjoyable than my twenties were. Even though I’ve had anxiety since graduating college, I think it has sunk in for me that this life is for me, and me only. I can explore all of my options career-and-academics-wise because I’m a fully free agent. I can date who I want to, I can move if I want to, I can travel, I can create what I want to create. I was feeling nervous about a loss of identity, moving from my twenties to my thirties and finishing my undergrad, but now I see that I get to create a new Natface and decide exactly who I’m going to be in this new stage of life, and that feels pretty cool.


I was listening to a podcast the other day, and the host was talking about moving across the country and leaving a bunch of her stuff in a storage unit, and then coming back years later to go through and decide what she wanted to keep. Ultimately, she decided to let all of it go and sell it off or gift it to friends, because all of the things in her storage unit were “from 3 to 4 (podcast host name)s ago”. That just really stood out to me, and I think I’m very much in a similar place. I’m letting go of things that made sense to earlier Natfaces but don’t fit anymore, and that feels good. I’m cleaning out my internal storage unit! (that sounds a little gross, haha) Good things ahead.