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They're coming from inside the house! . . . or not?

TL;DR We’ve got a wasp nest, and it’s confusing us.

Yeah, so there’s a wasp nest on/in (we hope just on) our roof. It’s too high up to actually see the nest. We don’t have a ladder that tall. But but we know it’s there somewhere over the bathroom. We can see the wasp activity. (They’re really active, and there are a lot of them.) We’ve also had quite a few wasps inside the house, although they seem to mostly be coming in to die.

We can’t figure out where they’re entering though. The weather hasn’t been good enough to keep the windows open, so they’re not getting in that way. We haven’t noticed them coming in through the door with us. We’ve been worried that they’ve funneled in through the roof and might have been coming through the attic, because we keep finding dead wasps on the landing at the top of the stairs (pretty much the most central/connected point of the house, also with a window . . . if they came in from downstairs and got lost trying to find their way back to the nest they’d likely end up there). The main other place we see them is in the bathroom, which opens up to that hall/landing. (The attic entry is also there.) Thing is, when we pull down the ladder and head up, we find nothing. We’ve got some serious insulation under the roof so they might be hidden from us. But we were just out of town for several days. So, we closed all the doors and left thinking that depending on where we found wasps we might be able to figure out where they’re getting in.


So . . . what do we get when we come home? Three dead wasps at the top of the landing. None in the bathroom, none in the attic. None in the kitchen, bedrooms, or anywhere else either. Seriously . . . where are they coming from? Aside from the nest in the vicinity of the roof, I mean. Where and how are they getting in?

The good news is winter should most likely take care of the issue for us. Also, they’re not as obnoxious a the fucking starlings that nested in our eaves a few years ago. Starlings are vermin and bring vermin with them.

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