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"They're like reading movies" this oldster recalls when they were called novellas

Well as if James Patterson did not occupy enough of the new book area at every Target, Walmart, BJs etc well he will be occupying even more real estate. He will now starting in June release 4 paperback and ebooks a month. The books are called BookShots. He calls them “they’re like reading movies”. No book will be more then 150 pages.

Ok correct me if I am wrong this used to be the length of a Doc Savage novel and 30 more pages would be a standard for many pulp novels and adventure novels along with mysteries until late 70s. At 150 well in todays world where novels are 300 pages minimum, 150 pages seems like a novella.


Even the most prolific pulp writer did not have their name attached with so many novels nor so frequently. That’s one a week Patterson is doing. Ok he writes none, I know he often helps with outlines and consulting but at this rate I cannot see how that’s possible.

I am kinda looking forward to Zoo 2.

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