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"They're not even that fat."

I know I shouldn't read the comments, but I was curious to see what people had to say when Jillian Powers' project made it to the fourth page of Reddit.

She'll be taking my picture on Saturday morning. Conveniently it's only about a mile from my house, just over by the governor's mansion. I've been instructed to come as I am, no makeup, don't brush my hair. Then I'll take all of my clothes off and have my picture taken.


I didn't read a lot of the comments. Only about 50 or so. But most of them were totally missing the point. You don't have to be fat to judge your body negatively. You don't have to be thin to judge your body positively. Some people were saying things like, "It's another one of those projects," and saying that they are ubiquitous. Not as fucking ubiquitous as pictures of a single body type: the photoshopped to razor thin "perfection," young, white model.

Yes, most of Jillian's subjects are young and white (like herself) so far, but she's working on expanding her range. I'll be part of that. Although I pass as white (which I'm not, but whatever), I'm also in my 40's. I have stretch marks and a saggy belly. I've got a bunch of new facial hair as part of my perimenopause. Hopefully it's still light enough that it doesn't show up much. But whatever. It's my body. I'm looking forward to being part of this awesome project.


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