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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So. I'm located about 15 minutes from where the national Boy Scout Jamboree now resides. And hell has started. Official Hell, with a capital H. Buses have been coming in all weekend, but yesterday was the "official" start of this monstrous fucked up MESS. They've stormed the entire area, and traffic is a soul sucking standstill.
We have Homeland Security harrassing workers (the Scout Reserve is located between two mining companies, and blasting companies - husband works at one site) about explosives, etc; We have FBI running around, Reserve troops called in, it's a horrible atrocious clusterfuck.

And I won't even mention the stupid conspiracy theories. Apparently West Virginia is the site of the shiny new FEMA camp called Jamboree.

I just want to crawl into my bed, with my cat, and mini-rolos, not coming out until this is all over.


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