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Thigh Crap

A link regarding "thigh gaps" and Miss America Contestants in 1945 appeared on my Facebook Newsfeed from a friend who pretty well aligns with my worldview, typically. The piece on this picture indicates the photo originally appeared on Reddit and also included the user comment:

"None of them are thin by today's standards. Not a 'thigh gap' among them."

First of all, yes, they are still thin by today's standards. Second of all, and much more importantly, not unlike the "Marilyn Monroe was a size 65482 in today's sizes!" argument, the "women of yesteryear" comparison is tiresome and not helpful. Yes, we can assume the author and the commenter are coming from a well-intentioned place. That said, I really, really want to get to a day when we stop comparing women to other women, whether they are our grandmothers, our neighbors, Supermodels or some lady on the street.


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