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  • I have done a lot of washing
  • I have applied a lot of nail polish to my slides, far more than I have applied to my nails
  • Every three days, I remember that formalin and formaldehyde smell different and the latter is worse
  • Every few weeks I get all woozy from accidentally sniffing the bottle of 200 proof alcohol
  • The magical blue lines on the floor around our desks are no more, but that doesn't stop most people from eating at their desks
  • I look vaguely ridiculous with an oversized face mask and safety glasses, but at least I'm not accidentally sniffing the formaldehyde
  • EH&S visit scheduled: no one does any experiments
  • I have spent a lot of time on GT waiting for biology to happen

Your turn: unexpected natterings about your workplace! FEEL FREE TO BE IN CAPS LOCK, SINCE BURT HAS NOT GRANTED US CAPS LOCK FRIDAY.


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