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Things are happening!

As my wedding approaches I’m probably going to descend into madness with feelings. We met with our officiant (who is a friend and local poet) and he is writing things to say, and just interviewed us about each other. He gave us an example of last time he did this and all three of us burst into tears while having lunch yesterday, haha. Weird. Sad, sobby burritos.

My wedding dress is finished and I’m going to pick it up this morning. Bah!

All the invitations are in the mail (after a series of calamities mostly centered upon my brilliant idea to make them myself). I am good at making things - I just always forget I fuck everything up one time first. That’s just my thing. So next time I get married, I need to remember that I’m going to mess up the invitations the first go around.


[if anyone cares, I screen printed them, which I have done before, but also....I mess it up the first time]

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