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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Things aren't as bad as I'd feared

but they're still pretty bad.

I've been watching my course schedule obsessively over the past few weeks, hoping against hope that some of those zeroes in the enrollment column would magically turn into positive integers. As of yesterday, I only had three made classes. The rolls of two of them have been shifted a little so that I'm up to 4 now. I got offered another section, but I had to turn it down, since it conflicts with a class for another school. I reached out to that school to see if they had any scraps they could throw me; I got offered a course that starts in 8 weeks, but I can only take that if they can adjust the time of it, which I don't think is likely.


Now not only am I short on funds from missing out on this class, but I think it means I'll also have to pay a lot more for my insurance premiums. My wife works for a small business and doesn't get benefits through her work. I don't think we're eligible for Obamacare, which doesn't matter because we will have missed the deadline anyway. I'll be lucky if I bring home any paycheck at all from this job.

You want to know what's really bad about anxiety: you don't get any satisfaction out of being right. For three years, I've been terrified of exactly this happening, and now it has. I just don't know what to do.

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