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This is basically just venting to let out some of the stress.

The backstory (which I’ve discussed on here before so apologies for repeating) is that I live in a house belonging to a family friend, so I (and by “I” I mostly mean my mother, because I’m unemployed) only pay utilities. In August I let a friend who got screwed out of her living arrangement last minute move in. Landlord told me that he wanted my roommate to pay $200 a month, but when she tried to pay him for the first month he refused to take the money and led her to believe she wouldn’t have to pay rent. In the meantime, he was also getting the Con Ed bill, but never told her how much the bill was. So while my mother has made sure to save money for our half of Con Ed, roommate assumed she was going to get to live rent and utility free (even though I told her several times to save money for the Con Ed bill.)

Landlord did want rent, but was uncomfortable asking for it, so he let months go by, and finally a week or so ago told roommate that he wanted her to pay rent from now on + $100 a month for the 4 months she was living here free. This is on top of me finally having to ask her to send him some money for utilities, because he’d finally asked my mother for our half.


I can’t imagine being blindsided by a request for $600 out of the blue. Landlord handled this situation terribly, and she has every right to be pissed. But she texted him saying she wasn’t going to pay, and that him asking her for the money is illegal. I have no idea if this counts as a squatters rights situation because he’s not trying to evict her, and she supposedly told him she’s going to move out later this month.

My guess is he’s never going to see any of that money, which... I don’t feel that bad about. He told me he wanted her to pay rent, she was prepared to pay it, and then he flat out refused to take it, and claimed he couldn’t remember ever saying he wanted her to pay rent. But I’m really concerned that she isn’t going to pay the rest of the utilities she owes. She already only paid me half of what she owes for the internet (which wouldn’t be that big a deal, but she never said shit about it. Just fucking TELL me, don’t pay half and expect me not to notice) and I think she’s been purposely leaving lights on. I didn’t know she was planning to move, because of course she hasn’t mentioned that either, and I really wonder if she’s trying to take some of her anger out on me by running up a bill she doesn’t intend to help pay.

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