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Welcome To The Bitchery

Regular Twitter contributor, former GW Bush Ethics Lawyer, Longtime Republican, Trump Administration critic, and b.s.-fighter extraordinaire @RWPUSA—aka Richard Painter—has announced that he is running for the US Senate.

As a DFL’er!!!🤗😀😉

I’m NOT surprised (AT ALL!) that he’s running. That was pretty expected, tbh.

But I’m a bit blown away by the fact that he came all the way over to the DFL.

I expected him to go more middle-of-the-road, by picking the IP (Independence Party of MN), or even running as a moderate Republican.


I NEVER expected him to fully flip and become a Democratic-Farmer-Laborite. That is just MIND BLOWING, as a lifelong Minnesota girl, whose party (with a couple, rare, non-Jesse IPMN exceptions!) has ALWAYS been the DFL.

The DFL is the party of Humphrey. He’s the one who brought the Farmer-Laborites into the Democratic party decades ago.

Some other icons of the party are Mondale, Gene (NOT JOE, he’s from WI😉) McCarthy, and the still-beloved Paul Wellstone (the man SO many thought was “too far left,” although he was elected, and RE-elected statewide despite being heavily outspent in both campaigns).

I’m excited to have Professor Painter running!🤗

I’m also more than a bit conflicted that he’ll be primarying Tina Smith!🙃

And I’m 100% unsure who I’ll be voting for—this entry means a LOT of research into & weighing of both their stances on the issues.


Bit I think, too, that it’s a BIG sign of how far the Republican party has fallen. Moderate folks like Richard Painter, Arne Carlson (dunno why his Wikipedia page is linking as a picture below!), and Tom Horner have all been pushed out. They’ve been replaced with the Trumps, Bachmanns, Emmers, and Karin Housley’s of the party.

This was the gem that Housley made the news for in the last couple weeks:


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