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Things got kind of strange at the farmers market today ...

As some of you know, I sell at the local farmers market from time to time, and today I was back at it after taking a 2-week break. Anyway, there were some weird moments that happened that I need to share with y'all:

— I sell by myself, so if I have to go to the bathroom, I'm S.O.L unless my girlfriend shows up to keep an eye on my table. Nothing usually happens for the few minutes that I'm gone, but if she has to make a sale, I have a list of prices posted on a dry-erase board. Today when she came to relieve (heh) me, she had a customer, and my gf accidentally sold the woman the wrong thing. My girlfriend doesn't know plants as well as I do, and apparently she gave the customer arugula when she asked for mustard greens. Oops. I'm still not sure I'm more embarrassed or amused at the mistake.


— The vendor next to me was selling summer squash, and the elusive rural Missouri pronunciation of the vegetable made an appearance. Some people around here add a -r- to squash and say it as "squarsh." It sounds as weird as it looks. I'm from St.Louis, and I'm all too familiar with people saying "warsh" instead wash, but the northeastern Missouri area is the only place I've heard "squarsh." I remember the first time I ever heard it, my eyes just out popped out of my head at how uneducated it sounded.

— I think someone tried to legitimately steal something from my table today. This woman came by and picked up one of the jars of jam I was selling. I was expecting her to put it back down, but instead she kept it and started walking away. I kind of waved at her and made a noise; she came back and got out money to pay for it but acted like she really didn't want to. She had some kids with her — I'm guessing they are grandchildren — and from the way she was speaking/shouting at them at my neighbor's booth, I think something was seriously off about her. At any rate, I was too shocked she tried to steal to get truly angry with her.

Despite all of the weird shit, I actually did pretty well. Thank all the gods for that.

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