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Things I am grateful for

So, lately I have been super broke and not working much. I am really, really grumpy. For the last week I have been making myself come up with lists of three things I'm grateful for to kind of keep things in perspective. It seems to be helping, so I thought I would share about it here. Today I am grateful for:

1. Interviews. I unexpectedly had a phone interview today, and someone called me to set one an in-person interview for tomorrow morning.

2. My health. I am kind of depressed and anxious lately, but overall being underemployed has given me more time to work out and I am eating a lot of vegetables instead of expensive sodium filled takeout. So I feel really good in a lot of ways.


3. My sister. I have a very supportive, hilariously funny sister. She is amazing.

Does anyone else do this? What are you grateful for?

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