Here are some things I'm grateful for while having a disgusting cough and being trapped in the house because of 10 inches of snow.

1. I am grateful for being single because I would annoy the crap out of whomever was with me with the constant loud hacking cough and vomiting.

2. I am grateful that the snow didn't start until tonight so I had time to go out and get stocked. I have plenty of tissues, toilet paper, cat food and things to make matzo ball soup.

3. I am grateful for the Facebook button that lets me hide people who post pictures of their children every. single day. And talk about how the teacher said their child made "teaching worthwhile." Hidden forever!

4. I am grateful for the free 24-hour nurse line and the kind nurse who answered my questions.


5. I am grateful that I bought this giant awesome thermos at the beginning of the semester so I have hot tea with honey and lime ready for me all day and all night.

6. I am watching Dances With Wolves which came out while I was in college. It is still a really good movie and so sad.