• Birthday card for my stepson - they had son cards, son-in-law cards, my son cards, and like a dad cards for fathers, but no stepson cards. I see an untapped market.
  • Minecraft poster as a Christmas present for my son
  • New headphones for work - I've had the old pair for about five years, and one side has broken off so I need to constantly stick it back on the end but it keeps falling off again
  • Box of Hostess Cupcakes
  • Lunch

I also made an appointment to get the pups groomed. I'm mentioning it here because didn't feel like making a separate post called appointments I made while I was out at lunch, in large part because that was the only appointment I made while I was out at lunch.

Oh, and I'm late for this, but here's a not really a selfie of clean shaven me with a 6-foot tall invisible Pooka named Harvey.