Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Stuff I Have Accomplished Lately:

  1. Cleaned up that corner that was just a pile of random shit I was going to do something with eventually
  2. Moved the bulky-ass chair I hate to the random shit corner in preparation for garage sale season
  3. Moved Goodwill donation clothes to random shit corner
  4. Brought metal shelves up from the basement to start cleaning up the sunroom/room the husband has completely taken over to do plant stuff in, partially set them up
  5. Cancelled cable, ordered new internet service
  6. Made hypertufa with my mom, may have created a monster

Stuff I Still Need To Do*:

  1. Set up new internet service, hope it works (DSL, didn't work last time we tried it, didn't realize that until we signed up for it)
  2. Finish setting up shelves in sun/plant room, start organizing that bitch
  3. Spend some time in The Very Scary Basement deciding what to sell at garage sale and what to toss
  4. Buy a birthday gift for someone whose true loves are being alone and hand sanitizer
  5. Write my list of Ideas To Make Money For People Much Smarter Than Me, But If You Gave Me Partial Credit, That Would Be Cool Too.

*This list is in no way complete. Like, at all. There is a shit ton of other stuff to do, but this is the stuff that is currently clogging up my brain, and I thought if I put it down in print, I might be a little less crazypants today.

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