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Things I could use less of in 2014

- Close calls with shitting myself. IBS is the worst.

-Related: stool samples. They are not fun to do, plus the guy at the front desk of the lab in my health center is really cute, and I need to stop giving him my poop.

-Car repairs. In the last couple of months alone, I've had to replace my tires, brake pads, side view mirror and window. I'm extremely fortunate that my parents help me out with most car repairs, because it is still their car that I'm basically borrowing full-time, but they're still very stressful.


-Friendships ending. I've lost two of my best friends in the past year. I've managed to stop being mad at them for the things that ended our friendships, but I have yet to stop being mad at the situation.

-Rejection. 13 grad school rejections, to be specific, and several more job rejections.

-Failed grad school exams. I don't mind doing poorly on a test. But you know those tests where you take one look at them and realize everything you know the least is on there and you literally can't answer the questions at all without just writing down a bunch of nonsense? I've had way too many of those in the past few months. I'm over it.

It's been a yard year y'all. Here's to a better 2014. What do you want out of 2014?

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