Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Things I Currently Like More Than the Potomac Edison Power Co.

-The Ebola Virus
-The Tea Party
-Running out of toilet paper in mid-poop
-Brazilian Wandering Spiders
-Anyone named Kardashian
-The collected works of Ayn Rand
-Rape apologists
-Chris Broussard
-Being stuck alone for Thanksgiving
-People who like dogs more than cats
-Rick Santorum
-Cruelty to otters
-Michelle Malkin
-The city of Philadelphia
-Getting stuck in rush-hour traffic on 495

Things I Currently Dislike More Than the Potomac Edison Power Co.
-Ann Coulter (because there is absolutely nothing I could hate more than Ann Coulter)
-MRA's (ok, except MRA's)


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