TW weight loss, stupid brain not thinking rationally about weight loss โ€” have a cute puppy picture as a spacer

So, despite diligently working out and watching what I eat, the scale hasn't moved in three weeks. While I have been annoyed about this, it is what it is. And my general weight loss trajectory is plateauing for awhile, and then my body getting with the program and dropping pounds again. Rinse and repeat, essentially.

FUCKING HELL the scale shows me up 5 lbs. And that was after a very eventful morning in the bathroom. Rationally, I know weight fluctuates. And I did drink an entire bottle of wine last night. I know that I didn't actually gain 5 lbs in 6 days. That doesn't change the fact that usually when these things happen my brain fires up with the UR FAT, LOSER negativity.

I'm really proud of myself, though, because I managed not to tear myself up over this. I did not swear to myself to never ever ever eat anything fried. Or not eat at all today, etc. Or decide to severely restrict my caloric intake. Nor did I do some heinously intense gym workout hoping to magically burn those pounds off.


What I did do was take my car to get washed and vacuumed. And went grocery shopping, as well as dropping off bags of stuff for Goodwill. Basically, I did not wallow in self-loathing or get upset with myself! I also decided to swap out some processed carbs for healthier options (Guess who's gonna be eating hummus with her veggies! If you guessed me, good job!). I'm not overeating on the calories, so changing up the source will be good for me. And I am focusing on mindful and healthy behavior, which is always good.