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Things I Dislike About Guys Who Write Posts Like This

10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women But Probably Won’t Tell You

(With the link going to a different site so as to not allow him to profit so much from the controversy)

1. When I see a chick throwing up in the bathroom, I wonder if she drank too much, got dosed, has food poisoning, has an eating disorder, or for some other reason needs medical attention. It does not occur to me to wonder which man in the vicinity is her owner.

2. Men who try to talk to women in bars who get pissed when they can hear the women are hypocritical morons. Men who complain when women have enough fun at a party for men to hear them. "Women are to be seen and not heard, ladies."

3. Nice list of things that you find to be "wack," guy who hates women who talk negatively and think things are wack.

4. Either they're inconsiderate or you're exaggerating. You also should limit your stance on dentistry, especially when it is irrelevant, since cavities are not caused by... wtf is sucking teeth? PS Were you waiting impatiently and that's why you exaggerated?

5. "Just so we're clear, ladies, when you go to bars, do not drink to excess, do not have so much fun that you can be heard over the music sometimes, but have fun even if the venue isn't particularly fun or you're not attractive. The precise right amount of fun is the only acceptable level, and don't lie about it because see 7."

6. You don't own your date's hair, you jackass. PS Your woman getting a hair cut is not worse than you cheating on her.

7. I can just tell you're lying and about something that you don't have to lie about, like 4 times in this post. PS "Hating friends" lie about things like "those shoes are fakes!" You fell for that? You're gullible, dude.

8. "You know what's really terrible ladies? Women who know the difference between tuna and salmon and contradict me when I mix them up. When your man is wrong, contradicting him makes you a bitch. He's the man, therefore, you get mercury poisoning from salmon."

9. People who don't know the difference between "whore" and "horde" and then mistakenly use "horde" as a gendered slur for women.

10. Men who think they can be assholes to women, treat them as possessions of men, and insult women for being smarter than the person lying to complain about negative women. Men who refer to women's autonomy negatively on the assertion that female autonomy = ownership of men.


11. And most importantly, men who believe that their asinine opinions are a general consensus that women should pay attention to because every woman's goal in life is to fuck the guy who wrote this article.

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