All of it.

Also, men who do not post full body pics, yet feel free to comment on my appearance. Also, men who don't post full body pics in general.

Men who do not fill out their profiles.

Men who spend their entire profile saying nothing about themselves and everything about what their perfect match should say/do/think. Ohhhhkay guy.

Men who do not read my profile.

Random dudes from overseas who will like to be my friend.

Bad dates with boring guys who have bad breath and order a second beer even though it is obvious we are not a match.


Men who "confess" they have a thing for redheads.

Men who say they're contacting me despite me living in the city and not having a car, as though they're doing me some kind of favor with their suburban attention.

Plus 97.3% of the rest of it.

I think I'm going to disable for at least a few weeks. This is not fun and I do not like. Nothing wretched has happened. I just find the whole thing exhausting.