Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Judgments from teachers or parents about not dressing up my kid for spring picture day, because frankly I forgot totally about it between running late this morning and dealing with the instillation of braces in her mouth happening this week. Besides, she is too stubborn to tolerate most hair clips/hair bow nonsense anyway. I was trying to figure out why so many kids were dressed up when I dropped her off at before school care, and then it hit me. Oh well. At least we will have a chronicle of how she actually looked, not the imaginary kid we want to show to others I guess.

At work, a weird beef that have somehow happened between one of my veterans and my new person I just hired. My new person was on our floor, but a different department, and I thought she got along with everyone on my team already. Well, apparently they had some disagreement or something awhile ago, and this morning when my existing team member was supposed to train the newbie, she was very curt about not having any time. I have no clue why y’all don’t get along, and I don’t care. You are going to get along now. This is not middle school.


Keeping the top of my bra cup from showing in my current outfit. Despite having on a tank top, a flowy blouse (yet sorta transparent- FUCK SEE THRU CLOTHES), AND a sweater because my arms are chilly, somehow all three tops I am wearing creep down enough to let the top of my bra peek through. I don’t want to be tugging on my shirt all day, dammit. I have on 3 damn shirts. DO YOUR JOB SHIRTS!

How’s your day going? What annoying shit are you going to not give a fuck about today?

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