One time, my older Republican coworker told me my political opinions would change and that I’ll “come around” to her side when I’m older. Well, I haven’t, though I still adore and respect the woman. But here are some things that I have come around on over time.

  • Math and Science- I took Calculus in high school and I hated it. I also took Advanced Physics in high school and hated it. But in college, I learned that not only were those the faults of not having great instructors (I was the only girl in Calc and was summarily ignored) but also because those were just not my strong suits in those particular fields. I took anatomy and statistics in college, and those were far more suited to my interests and learning styles, so instead of struggling I actually thrived.
  • Brussels Sprouts - This one was my own fault. When I was a kid I found some brussels sprouts in the fridge and thought they looked like cute mini lettuce heads. I wanted to feel like a giant, so I ate one whole and raw and instantly regretted it. From that point on, I considered them to be THE WORST vegetable. And then at some point, they were served to me roasted. Now I love roasted brussels sprouts to the point where I will order them if I see them available anywhere.
  • Unnatural Hair Color as a Grownup - For the longest time I maintained I couldn’t be an adult with a grown up job and rainbow hair because it would negatively impact on my professional career unless I worked in a creative field. I think a lot of this came from associating the rainbow dyed hair with teens who had rooty, poorly maintained, faded locks that were probably home dyed with Kool-Aid or Manic Panic. But seeing more adults with well-maintained and well-placed color has changed my views on this. And while I still don’t think it would work too well for me if I had a front facing position, I’ve had no problem moving up in my career just being my rainbow headed self. All it took was a smart stylist who was willing to work with me.
  • Menstrual Sponges - I was curious and tried it out for a while, and it was a mess to take out. Like, murder scene in the bathroom mess, and I hated it and went back to tampons. But then I ran out of tampons and my period showed up when I didn’t want to drive to the 24-hour grocery store. So I followed the advice of other sponge users and sewed in some dental floss so that it’s removed more like a traditional tampon. Now I have no intention of going back to tampons again. Probably not the greatest method if you’re someone who is away from a private bathroom for any longer than 12 hours at a time, but otherwise a pretty great, low-cost option.
  • Dating smokers - How did I ever do this when I was younger? I went on a date recently with a smoker and yuck. I just can’t anymore.

What things have you changed your opinion on?