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Things I learned at Leadership Academy

—My emotional intelligence is sort of all over the map. Not as high as I though I would score, with considerable peaks and valleys

—I am INCREDIBLY self aware. Like, super duper self aware. My scores here were really high. All of which is counter-acted by the fact that...

—I apparently have very poor self management skills. I am vey self aware of when I’m being a bitch, or going off the rails on someone...and I do it anyways. But I’m so aware! I suppose this wasn’t much of a shock, if I’m honest...If you piss me off, you are going to know it. When I’m in a bad mood, it radiates. When I’m in a good mood, I can uplift everyone around me. My temper can get the best of me, and even when I’m verbally able to reign it in, my face betrays.


—I am simultaneously a great and terrible listener. I can read a room and discern emotions without needing an exchange to happen, and I can parrot back the main themes of a conversation, but I am an interrupter. It’s not that I’m not listening to you and just waiting for my turn to talk again, it’s that I’m pretty sure what I have to say or express is probably more important. It is a terrible trait.

—It’s not all doom and gloom! I am a great coach, a motivator, an empowerer. I can find the hidden talent in just about anyone, and I know how to leverage it. The people around me work just a little bit harder, and achieve better results than if they were working without me. I am a stimulator/teacher.

I’m three days back from my spiritual adventure in the desert, and my biggest takeaway is that I REALLY just want to be a professional vacationer. A paid week at a luxury resort for paid therapy turned out to actually be a lot of fun!


What about you, GT? Has anyone else gone on similar corporate retreats/taken similar assessments? How do you score? What steps are you taking/have taken to improve those areas in which you’re lacking?

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