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Things I learned at the Fair

This weekend, I participated in my town’s local artisan Fair. If the town were a country, this Fair would be our national holiday.

I sold my stuff at a booth I shared with my stepmom. We ran into a TON of people we knew. Small town + long time lived here = lots of shared knowns and years of history/gossip.


Somehow, it came out that I’m friends with this guy, let’s call him Ryan. She knows his mother, and his younger sister was sort of the same age as my younger step-sister. When stepsister was living with her first baby’s father in Denver, they were watching a porn together (stepmom very much disapproves of porn). Ssister recognized the girl in the porn as Ryan’s sister. Smom launched in a whole thing about how the porn industry ruins girls for the rest of their lives and they have to heal from the trauma, etc., etc. I don’t necessarily agree with her. I think some women can be in porn and not be/become “damaged goods.” The whole idea of damaged goods is so contrary to what I believe anyway, but Smom does think it is always damaging to women. I didn’t want to argue.

Then, she tells me in another conversation that she and three of her close friends slept with my boss’s husband. It was before he married my boss, but I got the impression that before she met my dad, she slept around. I also don’t have a problem with this (I love sex and have had partners), but it seemed so hypocritical to talk about a girl she doesn’t even know anymore (Ryan’s sister) as if she’s damaged and ruined from porn while owning her own sexual history.

I realize the two aren’t completely comparable situations, but the whole thing sat with me wrong. It doesn’t help that I have a complicated relationship with my Smom and have invested lots of money into therapy to just be at this point with her.

Bonus points to anyone who can guess her opinion on vaccinations.

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