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Things I love about my dog...add your own....

  • She has a strict bedtime of 8:15pm, If you keep her awake past that, she is adorably grumpy.
  • She is always so fucking happy that it’s morning. Like she’s beside herself everyday with joy just to wake up. She does a morning dance.
  • She is so friendly and loving. When she sees someone she likes, she MUST meet them. If we are on a walk and she sees someone walking towards her that looks nice, she will sit and refuse to move until they arrive and she can meet then and/or lick their toes.
  • She makes everyone she meets feel special and loved. She has a special way and knows when people need extra love. I’ve seen people get really emotional when she gives affection. She just knows who needs love and she gives it. I’ve had many dogs, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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