Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This community is so beautiful. So many voices, hearts & minds teaching & learning from each other. Disagreeing & hugging it out, verbally and anonymously.


The Jezebel post yesterday immediately gave me an internal "rot roh".

I felt that the problem would get worse, but hoped it wouldn't. I also felt incredibly defeated that the women writers & staff at Jezebel (with heartfelt support from certain "men's" departments) would have to make such a humiliating public statement and respected so very much that they journalistically covered themeselves like they would cover any other corporation. And, man, did it get worse. Their plea was a double edged sword; necessary but fatal in feeding the the trolls they fight every damn day. I am still quite new here, but I've been welcomed so warmly.


I know you veterans are mourning a prior system that worked. I stand with you on principle. So, a few of the many reasons why I loves you kidz~

*Your unfailing ability to be decent human beings.

*Your warm & wonderful welcome to all who come here with an open heart.

*Your empathy, kindness & good advice in this faceless, nameless place.

*Your fucking GIF genius, which i am already missing.

Happy to be here; hope to stay for a couple more whiles~

Edited to add: We are still kinda hidden, right? I've personally never seen trolls here beyond the "work for $20 bazillion a month" types.


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