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I’m feeling so much better today, thank you all. So in a rare upbeat post - what are some packaged/store products that you love?

1. Trader Joe’s Truffle Chocolate Brownie mix - This is my go to for everything. I add in cranberries, extra chocolate chips, almonds, whatever. Easy, delicious, done. Their scones are also easy because they just need water.

2. Amy’s chili - Good on potatoes, good on nacho chips, good with cheddar cheese.


3. Oh My Yog! - Gingered pear. I am not really a yogurt person, but I tried this randomly and am now obsessed. It’s a Stonyfield organic product. I also love the Noosa yogurt - lemon is delicious - but it’s so expensive. But the Oh My Yog (which is the dumbest name ever) is hard to find, and gingered pear moreso. I drove an hour to a store that had it and they were out of pear. TRAGEDY.

Please send your suggestions..

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