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So far, none of the recaps are mentioning the two things I most want to know about after last night's episode:

1) The radio broadcasts that Tyreese seemed to be recalling from riding in the car with his father...were they supposed to be about Rwanda? Something else? Someone help me out here.

2) What is up with the bodies cleaved in half? We saw the lower halves at the edge of the woods when Glen, Michonne, and Rick were talking prior to responding to Noah's call for help. Then the top halves came spilling out of the back of the truck with the camper top when the group was trying to hightail it out of there. What's up with that?


Also, quick RL update: No baby yet. Due date is Friday. This week's OB check in got bumped to today because my BP was a little high last week. Scheduled to be induced a week from today if she isn't here yet.

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