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Things I saw today


The street sign was in a gated community. I was, no shit, flagged down by a resident who wanted to know what I was doing, and had an entirely surreal conversation with three people holding oversized wine goblets, all of which were empty. I am not sure why they had them or why they were standing in the front yard with them, but they were not used-empty. They were unfilled-empty. These people told me about the rivalries within this community for a while during which time I tried to think of a reason for the glasses, until I excused myself to find their polling location. Which none of them could tell me how to find. The surrounding streets were not named after popular TV shows, they were named after trees.

The voting sign was of course in front of a polling location that decidedly was not ADA-compliant, unless you count that they had one of those buttons to open the doors. Had you been blind, deaf, in a wheelchair, unable to hold a pen, or unable to stand for long periods of time, you were straight fucked on that voting dealy.

A lady told me my hair looks like a sunset.

And that was Election Day!

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